If you have entered into a settlement agreement for $600 to redeem your vehicle you can use this payment towards the $550 fee for a TLC vehicle license.

Within 30 days of signing the settlement agreement, present the agreement and your receipt for the $600 payment to our licensing personnel on the second floor of this facility. Licensing personnel will assist you with the process to legalize your vehilce with TLC.

Remember, if you wish to drive this vehicle as well you must also obtain a TLC drivers license. Licensing personnel can assist you with this as well.

If you have any questions please call (718) 391-5501.




The Lease Cap rules approved by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) in July 2012 include a $0.06 per trip driver healthcare services fee to be contributed by Taxi Drivers and deposited with a vendor selected by the TLC. Medallion Owners or TPEP vendors may only begin withholding this fee from Taxi Drivers once directed by the TLC. The witholding of this fee has not yet been approved NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Any Medallion Owner or TPEP vendors who have collected this fee from Taxi Drivers should immediately return any and all amounts collected to the appropriate Taxi Drivers. Failure to return fees previously collected, or continuing to collect the fee prior to direction by the TLC to do so, will be considered an overcharge and summonses may be issued to Medallion Owners pursuant to TLC Rule 58-21(c).

The TLC will issue an Industry Notice when it is permissible to collect this fee.



The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) reminds taxicab owners, vehicle owners, and drivers that in order to renew their licenses, they must clear all fines and fees owed on New York City Parking Violations Bureau (“PVB”) and Red Light Camera Unit violations.

In addition, taxicab owners who want to transfer their medallions are reminded that in order to transfer their medallions, TLC Rule 58-45(f) requires that all fines and fees owed to the PVB and the Red Light Camera Unit must be cleared. For amounts owed to the PVB, they must submit proof (a “PVB Clearance”) that all outstanding fines and penalties have been paid.

To obtain a PVB Clearance, the New York City Department of Finance requires that all PVB fines and penalties outstanding against the taxicab vehicle registered in the name of the medallion owner must be paid. This includes all outstanding fines and penalties resulting from the conduct of drivers operating that taxicab vehicle. Medallion owners or fleets may seek to collect all outstanding fines or penalties from the specific driver responsible for the violation.

Medallion owners and their agents should be aware that section 239 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, commonly referred to as the rental program, does not relieve them from the clearance requirement. The rental program covers only persons holding title to a vehicle. Participation in this program does not relieve the medallion owner of his or her separate obligation to address outstanding PVB fines and penalties before obtaining authorization to renew a license or transfer a medallion. Persons participating in the rental program as of the date of this notice, however, will not be expected to address PVB fines and penalties issued before the date of this notice. Persons not participating in the program will be expected to address all fines and penalties whenever issued.

PVB Clearances can be obtained Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. at any of the following NYC Department of Finance Business Center locations:

Manhattan Business Center
66 John St 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10038

Bronx Business Center
3030 Third Ave 2nd Floor
Bronx, New York 10455

Brooklyn Business Center (after January opening)
210 Joralemon St 1st Floor
Brooklyn, New York 10201

Queens Business Center
144-06-94th Ave 1st Floor
Jamaica, New York 10435

Staten Island Business Center
350 St Marks Place
Staten Island, New York 10301


General Information

Requests for records/information from the TLC are called FOIL requests. FOIL is the acronym for the Freedom of Information Law. Pursuant to this law all requests for records/information are analyzed. See Public Officer’s Law, Article 6, Sections 87 through 90.


1. All requests need to be reduced to writing. The Records Access Officer does not supply responses for any requests for records via telephone.

Make a FOIL request by e-mail

In order to facilitate the FOIL process you can request your records by e-mail.
If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, you may download the FOIL form through this link:

Upon completion of the form you can send your request as an attachment to

2. Requests can also still be made for records by fax or mail to our office marked to the attention of the Records Access Officer ("RAO").

Make a FOIL request by fax or mail

The address is:

33 Beaver Street, Legal Department
New York, New York, 10004.
Attn.: Records Access Officer

3. The fax number is: 212-676-1102.

4. Pursuant to the Public Officer’s Law, Article 6, Section 89.3, a FOIL request must “reasonably describe” the record being requested. An accurate description of a record will enable easier identification of that record.

5. You will receive either the documents requested, or an acknowledgement of your request from the TLC within (5) business days of receipt of your FOIL request.

6. If you have any questions concerning the correspondence received from the TLC
you may appeal to the General Counsel.


The following vehicles are currently approved for use as a New York City Taxicab

2013- Ford C-Max
2013- Ford Transit Connect
2013- Lexus Rx 450H
2013- Nissan Altima
2013- Toyota Avalon Hybrid
2013- Toyota Camry
2013- Toyota Prius
2013- Toyota Highlander
2013- Toyota Sienna Accessible (Mobility Works/ Freedom Motors)
2013- MV1 Accessible
2013- Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Sedan

2012- Ford Fusion
2012- Ford Escape
2012-Ford Taurus FWD (Only)
2012- Ford Transit Connect
2012- Lincoln MKZ
2012- Nissan Altima
2012- Toyota Camry
2012- Toyota Highlander
2012- Toyota Prius V
2012- Hyundai Sonata
2012- Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sedan
2012- Volkswagen Golf 2.5L TDI Sedan
2012- Mercedes Benz E350 BlueTec
2012- Toyota Sienna Accessible (Viewpoint Mobility)
2012- Toyota Sienna Accessible (Freedom Motors)
2012- Toyota Sienna Accessible (Mobility Works)
2012- MV1 Accessible

2011- Chevy Impala
2011-Ford Crown Victoria Stretch
2011-Ford Fusion
2011- Ford Escape
2011- Ford Taurus FWD (Only)
2011- Audi Q7 3L TDI
2011- Lincoln MKZ
2011- Hyundai Sonata
2011- Toyota Camry
2011- Toyota Prius
2011- Toyota Highlander
2011- Nissan Altima
2011- Volkswagen Jetta S &TDI Sedan
2011- Volkswagen Touareg 3.0L TDI
2011- Volkswagen Golf 2.5L TDI Sedan
2011- Mercedes-Benz E350 Bluetec
2011- Mercedes-Benz ML350 Bluetec
2011- MV1 Accessible
2011- Toyota Sienna Accessible

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission will endorse additional vehicles on the market when new vehicles become available and conform to TLC rules and regulations. These updates will be available on this website. If you have any questions about a vehicle or retirement issue, please call the TLC hack site at (718) 267-4501.

Important Disclaimer

The TLC’s listing of “vehicles in use” or "approved" vehicle models is for informational purposes only, and no warranty is made or may be inferred that the lists are accurate. Vehicles presented for hack-up must comply with our rules regardless of whether they are on our “vehicles in use” or "approved" lists.


DOT is not responsible regulating taxis. Taxis are regulated by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. DOT does regulate taxi relief stands

Taxi relief stands allow drivers to park their vehicles for up to one hour. This affords drivers the opportunity to leave their vehicles and take care of personal needs. Taxi relief stands should not be confused with taxi stands, which are locations where drivers can wait, in their cars, to pick up passengers.

The type column indicates if the relief stand is for taxis alone, or both taxis and For-Hire Vehicles (FHVs). Staten Island currently has no relief stands.

Taxis Jerome Ave. (east side) Eliot Place & E 170th St.
Taxis Metropolitan Ave. (north side) Purdy St. & Red Oak Drive

East Side, above 23rd Street
Taxis East 77th Street (north side) First & Second Avenues
Taxis East 86th Street (north side) Henderson Place & York Avenue
Taxis East 78th Street (north side) Lexington & Third Avenues
Taxis East 78th Street (south side) Lexington & Third Avenues
Taxis & FHVs East 29th Street (south side) Madison & Fifth Avenues
Taxis East 27th Street (north side) Park Ave. South & Madison Ave.
Taxis & FHVs East 28th Street (north side) Park Ave. South & Lexington Ave.
Taxis & FHVs Madison Avenue (west side) East 26th & 27th Streets
Taxis East 26th Street (south side) Third & Second Avenues

West Side, above 23rd Street
Taxis West 55 Street (south side) Tenth & Eleventh Avenues
Taxis & FHVs Sixth Avenue (west side) West 55th & 56th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Eighth Avenue (east side) West 52nd & 53rd Streets
Taxis Broadway (east side) West 48th & 47th Streets
Taxis Eighth Avenue (west side) West 46th & 47th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Sixth Avenue (west side) West 39th & 40th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Sixth Avenue (west side) West 38th & 39th Streets
Taxis Broadway (east side) West 43rd & 42nd Streets
Taxis Ninth Avenue (east side) West 42nd & 41st Streets
Taxis West 39th Street (south side) Eighth & Ninth Avenues
Taxis Ninth Avenue (east side) West 30th & 29th Streets

Below 23rd Street
Taxis East 23rd Street First & Second Avenues
Taxis & FHVs Sixth Avenue (west side) West 22nd & 23rd Streets
Taxis Third Avenue (west side) East 14th & 15th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Third Avenue (west side) East 15th & 14th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Sixth Avenue (west side) West 13th & 14th Streets
Taxis Sixth Avenue (east side) Thompson & Grand Streets
Taxis & FHVs Canal Street (north side) East Broadway & Essex Street
Taxis Park Row (southeast side) Ann & Beekman Streets
Taxis & FHVs Fulton Street (south side) Broadway & Church Street
Taxis & FHVs South Street (north side) Old Slip & Broad Street
Taxis & FHVs Water Street (east side) Whitehall & Broad Streets
Taxis Whitehall Street (west side) South & State Streets

Taxis North Sixth Street (north side) Berry Street & Wythe Avenue
Taxis Fourth Avenue (west side) Third & Sixth Streets

Taxis & FHVs 43rd Avenue (north side) 11th & 12th Streets
Taxis 44th Road (north side) 21st & 11th Streets
Taxis & FHVs Hunterspoint Avenue 27th & 30th Streets
Taxis 31st Street (west side) 34th & 35th Avenues
Taxis & FHVs 43rd Avenue 36th & 37th Streets
Taxis 34th Street (west side) 37th & 38th Avenues
Taxis Skillman Avenue 37th & 36th Streets
Taxis Queens Boulevard (south side) 50th & 51st Streets
Taxis Queens Boulveard 55th & 54th Streets
Taxis & FHVs 45th Avenue (south side) Jackson Ave. & 23rd St.
Taxis & FHVs Pearson Street (west side) Jackson Avenue & dead end
Taxis 49th Street Newtown Rd. & Northern Blvd.
Taxis 55th Street Queens Blvd. & Roosevelt Ave.
Taxis Van Dam Street Queens Blvd. & Skillman Ave.
Taxis & FHVs 36th Street Skillman & 43rd Avenues






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